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Coffee services for your offices, hospitals, facilities, and campuses.

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Are your employees going off-site for coffee breaks?

  • Want delicious, fresh coffee, right in your workplace?
  • Do you want to boost employee morale and productivity?
  • Want to choose from a full line of national brands and local favorites?

  • Need cutting-edge technology to ensure easy, reliable service?
  • Want a rotating selection with new options?
  • Do you want upscale options like lattes, mochas, and cold-brew?

Get top-notch coffee service with AVM.

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AVM Services provides the convenience of a one-stop coffee shop

Wide Variety

More than just coffee – lattes, mocha, and cold-brew too


24-hour turnaround on all orders

On-line Ordering

Running low on coffee? Order anytime, day or night.

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A Sampling of Product Lines We Carry

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Brewer De Jong Duke

Brewer Flavia Creation 500

Brewer Newco CX Touch

Brewer Newco Thermal

Water Filtration Systems for Your Office

Enjoy fresher,
better-tasting water

On-demand access to fresh water that’s always the right temperature

An economical solution that saves you money compared to bottled water

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Why choose AVM Services?

Our family knows coffee.

For fifty years, we've been ensuring that our clients are properly hydrated and caffeinated. Our uniformed and expertly trained salespeople make sure you’re properly stocked, and we supply the best technology to ensure consistent and delicious beverages. Our long-term vender relationships means we have great prices and can keep up with exciting new products.

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